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The World's First Ultrasound Machine Based on a Cell Phone

NOTE: This is an old page that has not been maintained since 2012. Many links may be broken and information may be outdated. We are keeping this page for historical purposes but may be removed at any time.

Working under a Microsoft Research grant, Cell Phone as a Platform for Healthcare, we modified commercially available USB ultrasound probes to work with a smart phone and developed the SDK presented, here. Microsoft Research has awarded us a second grant to begin some field trials with DMD patients at Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine.
  • Time Magazine talks about the FDA-approved system in their Healthland section.
  • FDA Approval: Mobisante receives FDA approval for their smartphone-based ultrasound system: MobiHealthNews
  • Mobisante, a start-up in Seattle, WA, is commercializing this technology. It is currently under review by the FDA and they hope to sell the first units in 2011. Here is an interview on CNN with the CEO of Mobisante on November 29, 2010.
  • We presented our work at the first mHealth Summit in Washington D.C. at the end of October, 2009.
  • First fetal images taken at Washington University in St. Louis Medical School: Fetal Images
  • The SDK has been released.

SDK Release

UPDATE: While the SDK is still available, it is no longer being supported as Mobisante is commercializing this technology. The SDK is provided as-is as a technology demonstration only.

Version 2.51 has been released to the public. Source code is now available. It is released under a BSD-style license by Washington University in St. Louis.

An installer for the binary is also available and must be installed before working with the source code; this is to properly install the drivers and resources referenced by the application.

For help/discussion of this code, please use the help forum on the SourceForge.net project page.

The source may be accessed via SVN as documented here. Using SVN on a Windows machine is easy and we suggest downloading TortoiseSVN for your platform if you don't already use SVN via some other method.

  • MobileUS on SourceForge.net
  • Binary installer will install MobileUS on your Windows Mobile 6.1 or higher smartphone. It also includes several sample cine files so you can load them and see what they system can do. This will run on any Windows Mobile 6.1 phone, even if it does not have a USB host port.

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